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Why is RapidShare Closed?

RapidShare is a file-hosting service that offers unlimited cpanews for uploading and downloading files. Despite this, the company has had a number of legal troubles in the past. Most notably, it hosted copyrighted material. This caused several court cases, and ultimately led the company to change its business model. This article outlines some of the reasons why RapidShare is no longer in business. This article will also explain why you should consider using a different file-hosting service.

RapidShare was a one-click file-hosting service

RapidShare was a one-click file hosting service that was able to store and share files from a variety of sources. It offered both free and commercial services. Its free service allowed users to share files and stores content, but its paid service allowed businesses to host files and sell them. However, the free version had limited capacity and download speed.

RapidShare shut down on March 31st, 2015. If you have data stored on life2news, you should secure it. After that date, the service will remove your account automatically. This means you should start securing your data as soon as possible.

It hosted copyrighted material

After the closure of Megaupload, rapidshare has announced new policies aimed at protecting users and ensuring that copyrighted materials are removed immediately. This new policy includes automatically deleting copyrighted materials and implementing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), which protects private content and users’ rights. This is a huge relief for users who were left feeling violated by Megaupload.

Users of RapidShare can be fined for downloading copyrighted material. Movie studios can also force the site to remove the material or provide a list of users who downloaded it. The concept of internet policing is evolving as copyrights become increasingly serious.

It was at the center of several court cases

RapidShare is an online file hosting service that started in 2002 and has since gone on to become one of the most popular websites on the Internet. As of 2009, presentnews claimed to handle 10 petabytes of files and three million concurrent users. In 2012, the company changed its business model and shifted its focus to personal subscription-only cloud-based file storage. Ultimately, RapidShare ceased operations in March 2015. It was later acquired by Kingsley Global and has been shut down permanently.

RapidShare has faced several legal battles with music rights holders, including a long-running legal fight with GEMA. After Megaupload was closed down, RapidShare has made efforts to work with copyright holders to ensure that their content remains legal. RapidShare is now required to monitor links to external websites and remove any that infringe upon copyrights.

It changed its business model in 2012

In 2012, tvcrazy, an online file hosting service, changed its business model. Previously, the service was free for everyone to use, but it is now limited to paying customers. The company says the change has benefitted its users, who were mostly interested in downloading files. Prior to the change, paying customers were limited to a certain ratio of transfers per day, but now they have no limits. This change caused users to find other options for file hosting services.

RapidShare had been one of the largest file sharing services on the internet, but its popularity faded in the face of Dropbox and other cloud storage services. It was a popular place to store and share copyrighted content. It claimed to have ten petabytes of files uploaded in 2009, and to have hundreds of millions of monthly visitors. However, it has been plagued by legal issues for several years.

It sacked three-quarters of its staff in 2013

RapidShare, a file-sharing service, has sacked 45 of its employees following a string of legal disputes involving pirated content. The company previously promised its staff that their jobs would remain intact and continued hiring foreign staff, but that has all changed now. The company announced that it would terminate the contracts of 45 employees in seven days. Its business model has changed significantly, with the company no longer being able to afford to hire foreign workers and focusing solely on revenue.

RapidShare has been suffering since it was labeled as a “rogue site” by the United States government in 2011, and has struggled to regain its former popularity. The company has lost a large portion of its regular user base and has cut three-quarters of its staff. It has since warned users to secure their data and to ensure that they don’t download pirated content.

It has been shut down by other file-sharing sites

Since its founding in May 2002, RapidShare has been a leading file-sharing service. However, its popularity has diminished in recent years. In 2009, the company claimed that it had 10 petabytes of files in its database and hundreds of millions of visitors each month. Despite this success, RapidShare has long struggled with legal issues. In May 2013, it was forced to close its free version, a move that triggered an outrage from users.


After the Megaupload raid, RapidShare rebranded itself as a cloud storage service and tightened its anti-piracy policies. However, this move didn’t go as planned. The site’s popularity declined and most of its employees were fired. The company also had to limit download speeds and eventually shut down the free version. In the wake of its demise, RapidShare rebranded itself as a personal cloud storage service and started charging users around 50 euros a month.

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