Power Inverter Setup For Camping

Before setting out on a camping trip, it’s important to select a power inverter for camping and be sure to choose the right size battery for the device. While a 1000 watt inverter will power a television, it won’t power larger appliances, such as hair dryers and microwaves. For full-time campers, a 2000-watt inverter is adequate. Just make sure to double-check how much power you’ll be using and adjust your settings accordingly starmusiq.

Before installing a power inverter, you’ll need to connect multiple batteries in parallel. Inverters are equipped with remote switches that are attached to the device. Using the supplied phone cable to connect the two is not ideal as longer cables may have too much resistance. A better option is to use a heavier gauge cable, such as 4 conductor 18 AWG. If you’re unsure about which battery to connect to the inverter, you can splice it into the cable that came with your unit.

Next, you’ll need to purchase a power inverter with enough power to run your small appliances. A power inverter should have several outlets to allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. In addition to the outlets, a power inverter should also be equipped with built-in safety features. While selecting a power inverter, be sure to choose a model with at least one surge protection webtoon feature.

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