Car Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

1. Always wear your seatbelt.
2. Don’t drive while intoxicated or distracted.
3. Obey the speed limit and all traffic laws.
4. Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and inspected.
5. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
6. Adjust your head restraints and mirrors before driving.
7. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.
8. Be prepared for sudden stops and turns.
9. Use your headlights when visibility is low.
10. Memorize basic car maintenance and emergency procedures.
11. Don’t drive when you’re feeling too tired or ill.
12. Slow down in inclement weather and during construction.
13. Keep your car clean and free of clutter.
14. Have your brakes checked yearly.
15. Monitor your blind-spots when changing lanes.
16. Always signal when turning and changing lanes.
17. Don’t tailgate other vehicles.
18. Keep a safe following distance.
19. Always check your rear-view mirror before backing up.
20. Don’t drive if the roads are icy or flooded.
21. Make sure your car has plenty of fuel before driving.
22. Keep a first-aid kit in your car in case of emergency.
23. Keep your emergency contact information in your car.
24. Make sure your car’s emergency equipment is properly working.
25. Do not attempt to race or follow other reckless drivers.
26. Make sure to adjust your speed in dense traffic or in school zones.
27. Obey all traffic signs and signals.
28. Install a GPS navigation system if you plan to travel long distances.
29. When parking, make sure to check your surroundings for pedestrians.
30. Be mindful of cyclists and motorcyclists on the road.
31. Check for pedestrians before you open your car door.
32. Keep your car windows closed to reduce the risk of theft.
33. Look for children playing near the street before driving.
34. Have your car’s oil changed regularly.
35. Secure all loose items in your car before driving.
36. Make sure all children are properly secured in car seats.
37. Make sure your child car seat is installed correctly and meets safety standards.
38. Keep your car locked when it’s unattended.
39. Avoid using your car’s cruise control in bad weather.
40. Don’t use your cell phone while driving.
41. Make sure all passengers are wearing their seatbelts.
42. Make sure all child car seats are facing the correct direction.
43. Avoid driving in unfamiliar areas if you can.
44. Learn how to properly use your car’s traction control system.
45. Always check for animals before driving through a wooded area.
46. Avoid driving on gravel roads if possible.
47. Don’t talk to passengers while driving.
48. Don’t drive in a lane that’s blocked by traffic.
49. Don’t cross a double-yellow line to pass other vehicles.
50. Don’t try to squeeze into tight parking spots.
51. Don’t drive if you can’t see clearly

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