Accident and Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure

Your company should have an accident and incident reporting policy and procedure. By law, certain accidents must be reported. These incidents may be covered under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013. This policy must be implemented in every business regardless of size or industry. Using a template may be helpful. Workable does not assume legal liability for the use of this template.

The incident report should be completed and signed by everyone who was involved in the incident. This signature confirms that the information in the report is truthful and unquestionable. An incident report should include the following general information: time, date, and location of the incident. Physical conditions that may pose risks are important. The names and positions of those involved are also needed. The department and title of the persons involved in the incident should be included as well.

Any other potentially hazardous occurrence should be reported as an accident. The cause of the incident should be investigated fully and appropriate action taken to prevent recurrence. Any matter relating to employee welfare and safety must be resolved quickly. Legislative reporting requirements must be met, as well as any other legal obligations. An accident and incident reporting policy and procedure should cover all such situations. The purpose of an accident and incident reporting policy and procedure is to prevent future occurrences and keep the workplace as safe as possible for employees.

Besides the reporting of accidents and incidents, the report of any non-work-related accident must also be reported. An incident must be reported immediately to the supervisor, management, or WorkSafeBC if the injury caused a worker’s injury. Accidents that result in an injury should also be analyzed to determine the underlying causes and corrective measures. While some incidents are not immediately reportable, others should be reported to the WorkSafeBC within eight hours of the incident occurring.

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